About the Luxury Marketing Club

We call it the “Parthenon of Texas” where companies and institutions send the best of their Sales and Marketing teams to be updated with new marketing and “Thinking Outside the Box” techniques to sell and expand their business.


The Luxury Marketing Club was founded with the Honest to Goodness approach to business and nonprofit practices where our team must share the same idiosyncrasies such as Honesty, Proactivity, Attention to Detail, Reliability and a strong sense of Responsibility towards our services and attention to our members.

Founder and Executive Director,
Joseph Romero de Velasco

How It Works

• Identifies your customers’ Fears – Wants – Needs.
• Creates a Sales Strategy that works.
• Brings you strategic partners pre-matched for
   successful Sales and Marketing programs.
• Expands your markets in Texas and Mexico.
• Brings Quarterly Rotary Clubs Events assisted with LMC’s donations and auctions for Fundraisers to benefit astray children, mentally ill and disaster victims.

Who we are

• Joseph Romero de Velasco, Executive Director (McAllen)​
• Rick Kantor, CFO (Cincinatti)​
• Lic. Armando Bojorquez Patron, Tourism Advisor (Mexico City)​
• Olivia M. Garza, Office Manager (McAllen)
• Sergio Hernandez, Creative Director (Austin)
• Hector Silva, Strategic Planner (Austin)
• Fernando Gonzalez Rocha, Investor Relations (Monterrey, NL)
• Adrian Gonzalez, Associate Digital Media US/Mexico. Monterrey,N.L.​

   Romero Group Reynosa ▼
• Jesus Avila, General Manager (Reynosa, Tamaulipas)
• Alfredo Avila, Supervisor (Reynosa, Tamaulipas)
• Lina Garcia, Director of Operations (Reynosa,Tamaulipas)

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